NFT Image Specs

As part of ERC721 and the extended OpenSea NFT specification, there is 1 main image attached to each token stored on IPFS. This image can be styled, edited, and customized by the creator and be a unique visual representation of the physical product.
For the best user experience, we suggest using square photos of at least 1000x1000 pixels in PNG or JPEG formats of no larger than 8MB in file size. Rectangular photos may be center cropped into squares by platforms that allow NFT viewing so please make sure the photo is centered if using a rectangular aspect ratio. Transparency is also supported but please make sure the image works against both dark and light backgrounds.


Whether the picture is taken in portrait or landscape orientation, we want to make sure that the subject (i.e. the product) is focused in the center of the frame. If the camera supports square photos, then the photo does not need to be manually cropped afterwards.


The lay flat photos should have the perspective adjusted if they're not shot exactly from the center
If the product is rectangular, like the painting, we also need to remove the lens distortion so the product in the photo actually has straight edges
The item should have its background removed and placed against a transparent canvas for the best visual experience in wallets and NFT showcases.