Legitimate is a modern brand at the intersection of fashion, web3, and technology. The logos and typography are designed to seamlessly blend into the existing branding and designs of our clients, partners, brands, and creators.

Company Name

The company name and logo are inspired by the Reddit LegitCheck. Our founder, Calvin Chan, often used LegitCheck to authenticate his shoes purchased from resale marketplaces. He once received a fake pair that passed through the verification process for one of the leading resale platform and this became one of the reasons why he founded Legitimate.

Our Tap by Legitimate product started with an internal GitHub repository name of lgt-check.

Our signature check logo serves as both a target area for phones to tap as well as an indicator of a successful verification. The brackets around the check indicate the target area and the animated version of the logo convey a successful authentication in our apps.

Primary Font

We chose Aeonik as our main font because it is clean, balanced, neutral, and yet more distinct than other popular sans-serif fonts such as Helvetica and Proxima Nova. It is an easy typeface to recognize in a sea of sans-serif logos and print materials. The different font weights are flexible in different layouts and spacing, across devices from budget desktop monitors to high density smartphones and even print materials.

Accent Font

We use Tiempos Fine in Italic as our accent font for a decorative flair. Chosen for its sharp lines and contrast to the neutral Aeonik primary font, Tiempos Fine provides the perfect emphasis for short phrases and the differentiation necessary for numbers, subtitles, and other text that need clear hierarchy.

Design System

The content below is exported from our Figma file which we use as our source of truth.

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