Tag Types

We offer standard sticker and plastic tags for different use cases with options to customize tags according to durability and size requirements

Standard Tags

We currently offer 3 different standard types of standard Legitimate NFC Tags to create your phygital products.

PPS Plastic

20mm Round Tags

These tags are 20mm in diameter and 2mm in thickness and are heat resistant up to 70°C, machine washable, and water resistant. They can be sewn into clothing with the included Legitimate cloth tag cover or embedded inside physical goods during the creation process. Custom tag pouches, rubberized overlays, or embroidered patches are available an extra cost.

30mm Round Tags

Same specifications as above except larger.


20mm Sticker Tags

The sticker tags are also 20mm in diameter and slightly thicker than a piece of paper. These are very lightweight and can be inserted under existing product labels or applied directly onto any exposed flat surfaces of your physical item. The adhesive is made by 3M.

0xAvenue x Legitimate Embroidered Patch Tags

​0xAvenue developed a special embroidered pouch in collaboration with Legitimate. This LGT Tag allows creators to integrate the tag into the actual branding and design of the merchandise, bringing the boundaries of fashion and technology even closer together.
The embroidery is a produced with a specific thickness to allow phones to easily tap the tags while perfectly holding the round plastic tag.
Please contact us or contact 0xAvenue to order.

Custom Tags

An expanded selection of tags is available for custom order including larger stickers, round plastic durable tags, as well as woven and plastic flexible tags.
Potential options include:
  • 86mm x 54mm flexible woven tags - water resistant but not heat resistant
  • 30mm round woven tags - water resistent but not heat resistant
  • 86mm x 54 mm PVC plastic cards
  • 30mm round PVC plastic tags
  • 50mm round sticker tags
  • 70mm round sticker tags
  • stickers with tamper detection strips - tag deactivates when removed or tampered


Tap areas must display our Legitimate "Tap Here" logo in accordance with our brand guidelines when not using provided covers or sticker materials. Our white-label program is available to select partners.
Refer to our integration instructions for different ways these tags can be attached to your products.