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Custom Experience

Legitimate allows agencies and developers to create entirely custom digital experiences on the Legitimate phygital platform for a given set of tags.

Technical Architecture

The LGT Tags are pre-programmed to link to the Tap by Legitimate web app that then be configured to redirect to your own website.
  1. 1.
    User taps the tag with their phone and opens the link popup
  2. 3.
    The uid, ctr, and cmac is used to verify the tag's authenticity and get information about the content for the tag.
  3. 4.
    The browser is then redirected to your own page with the same parameters
  4. 5.
    You can call a set of APIs to obtain the NFT and blockchain information associated with the tag. With the given information about the NFT, you can then call our APIs to transfer the NFT to a given wallet or reset ownership when the item is sold or given away.


Direct access to our APIs require a yearly subscription to our hosted API services. Different plans are available depending on the number of tags supported, API usage limits, custom domains for endpoints, and CORS domain allowlists.
  • /verify - can be called once per set of unique uid, ctr, and cmac generated by the tags to get the NFT chainId, contractAddress, and tokenId
  • /claim - transfers the NFT associated with the tag to a given walletAddress if the provided uid, ctr, and cmac is valid and that it is the latest verification processed by the Legitimate
  • /recover - returns the NFT back to the Legitimate wallet so the state of the NFT ownership is reset and can be transferred to the next owner of the phygital item (requires activation of the recover feature)
See our API Access page for more documentation about the APIs.

Suggested Custom Experience

Initial State

The initial state of the phygital NFT is when the tag has been tapped for the first time. The NFT is held by the legitimatetech.eth wallet and is ready to be claimed by the user.
We suggest a preview of the NFT and digital experience, as well as a short summary of what to expect before asking the user to login or connect their wallet to claim the NFT.
ownerOf(tokenId) === legitimatetech.eth

Unlocked Experience

After the user has claimed the NFT and the NFT has been transferred to their wallet, anyone who has access to the phygital item can be shown exclusive digital content. Keep in mind that owners often let their friends and family tap the tag as well so any content or digital activations that can encourage sharing can help expand your reach and encourage more engagement.
ownerOf(tokenId) !== legitimatetech.eth

Error Page

In the event that a link generated by the LGT Tag is shared and reused, or invalid tag information is passed in, an error page should inform the user to tap the tag on the item again.

Ownership Reset

For collectible items and items that may be resold, traded, and ownership transferred, we suggest adding the ability for owners to reset the ownership so the NFT can be claimed again. Because Legitimate pays blockchain transaction fees, resetting ownership and allowing new owners to start over with the claim process is a more seamless experience. The old owner can reset the NFT before giving the item away, or if the old owner forgot to reset, the new owner can also reset and claim the NFT as if were new.