🎨Required Materials To Get Started

For creators and brands using Legitimate's services, we require a set of assets to be provided ahead of minting the NFTs in preparation for testing, distribution, and sale.

These materials must be submitted at least a week before testing and two weeks before distribution and sale.

  1. NFT metadata

    1. Image

    2. Animation Video (optional)

    3. Title

    4. Description

  2. Digital content (optional)

    1. Text, images, videos, and content embeds (can be provided in a shared document on Google Drive or in a document file such as Word, Powerpoint, or PDF)

  3. Desired blockchain (choose between Avalanche, Polygon, or Ethereum*)

    1. Transaction fees are covered for Avalanche and Polygon for mint, configuration, and claims

    2. A deposit in ETH is required for Ethereum to cover all transaction fees for minting and claiming. Deposit will be calculated based on gas unit price at 100 gwei in case of spikes in network activity. The deposit must be received before the contract is deployed and the NFT is minted.

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