To make it as easy as possible to tap into phygital products, Legitimate offers turn-key integration options that help brands and creators get started immediately.

Legitimate's end-to-end service offerings include:

  1. LGT Tags

  2. LGT Tag Platform that connects the LGT Tags to the blockchain and other content

    1. Mobile and Desktop Tag Programmers to securely program the individual tags with unique private keys and associate them to a batch or SKU

    2. Tag Verification Services to verify the single use digital signatures generated upon each tap of the LGT Tag for authenticity and enable access to exclusive content

    3. API Access for creating custom unique digital experiences tailored for your product

  3. LGT Tap for end users interact with the digital content and the LGT Tag directly

  4. LGT Dashboard for managing tags, viewing usage analytics, and editing content

Along with LGT Tags, Legitimate's service offerings are the easiest way for any brand to start creating phygital products and experiences.

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