✔️Legitimate Digital Experience

The Legitimate Digital Experience is the user interface that powers a full end-to-end customer journey when interacting with the NFT, special content, and digital activation. It comprises of a few different steps from the initial preview screen to the final exclusive content page.

Preview Screen

The user will see an introduction screen with details about the NFT and digital experience when the site loads. This screen is meant to provide the user with enough information and instructions so they feel comfortable connecting their wallet or inputting their email to log in.

The title, body text, and image can be customized for each group of tags.

Login and Connecting Wallet

We offer over 100+ ways to connect wallets via our provider dynamic.xyz including MetaMask, WalletConnect, Ledger, and many others. Depending on the blockchain of the associated NFT, we also suggest wallets that are more user friendly and suitable for that ecosystem, i.e. Core Wallet by Ava Labs for Avalanche and Rainbow for Ethereum and Trust Wallet for Polygon.

We also offer the option to create a wallet with email or phone number through our provider Particle Network. Custom wallets and other email providers such as Magic can be used as well.

Email Marketing Capture

We offer an integration with MailChimp as a service add-on so that emails can be captured with consent for marketing purposes during the login process. This email list can then be used directly for email newsletters about the product or exported to your existing provider such as Klaviyo, Constant Contact, and others.

Legitimate does not store any user data on our own servers and relies solely on trusted external providers such as Magic, Dynamic, and MailChimp for authentication services and email storage. We comply with all major privacy regulations including GDPR (Europe), CCPA (California), VCDPA (Virginia), and LDPR (Brazil).

Transferring NFT

After the login process is finished and a wallet is connected, Legitimate's services will then transfer an NFT to the connected wallet. This process takes about 3-5s on blockchains with quick time-to-finality such as Avalanche and 15-30s on slower chains such as Ethereum and Polygon.

This transfer is gasless for the end user because the transaction fee is paid for as part of the Legitimate service offering for most networks. For Ethereum, a deposit of ETH for gas usage is required.

Token-Gated Digital Experience and Exclusive Content

The default digital experience includes a rendering of the NFT, title, description, and the associated blockchain information such as owner, network, contract address, and token ID.

Additional content can be added using Builder.io below the NFT information as an addon service.

Custom Experience API

For clients that need advanced customizations outside of the usual capabilities of Builder.io, a custom experience can be built from scratch in JavaScript and added via our Custom Experience addon.

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