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0xAvenue is one of Legitimate's strategic partners for producing and distributing premium phygital merchandise. They offer an end-to-end solution from design consultations to custom manufacturing and order fulfillment. Clients can also leverage their web3 token-gated platform to sell custom merch directly to customers.

0xAvenue Shops

Run a hands-free web3 shop on 0xAvenue where we help design, implement, and manage complex token- gating experiences and take care of all the manufacturing, packaging, payment collection, logistics, and fulfillment. So that brands can focus more on building their brands and communities.

Token-Gated Commerce

0xAvenue Token-gated Commerce is a tool for brands and projects to easily integrate Web3 token-gates and e-commerce features onto their websites to limit or differentiate access to parts of an online store, such as certain products, discounts, or collections, depending on visitors’ wallet contents.

Design Studio

0xAvenue Design Studio provides design and production services to create high-quality merchandise and phygital gear. It serves brands eager to bridge the physical and digital worlds and bring true Web3 retail experience to their community.