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Integration Instructions

LGT Tags are NFC-powered tags that can be integrated into a variety of products. Here are a few examples.
When integrating our tag, we require that our Legitimate logo be visible in the tappable area of the physical item. Our stickers and cloth covers already incorporate our logos, but for custom integrations, please consult us for brand guidelines.

Clothing and Garments

T-Shirts and Other Tops

The LGT Tag can be sewn into the collar, similar to any other label.
Alternatively, LGT Tags can be sewn into the bottom of the T-Shirt or on the sleeve as a stylistic choice.
When producing custom clothing, tags can be sewn onto the sleeve and other areas during the garment manufacturing process. It may be hard or impossible to sew onto certain spots afterwards.


The LGT Tag can be sewn into the tongue of the shoe. This makes it easily accessible by the customer, but still hidden to preserve externally visible branding.

Flat Surfaces


The sticker tag can be applied directly onto flat surfaces such as containers for consumable products where longevity and durability is not a primary concern.

Other Products

For collectible products or durable goods, we recommend placing the sticker under an existing label or cover.


Both the sticker tag and the plastic tag can be embedded inside an item during manufacturing. This means it can potentially be cast inside resin or placed under thin plastic or wooden panels. The tag works at a distance of up to 1 cm depending on material and placement.