🔠Branding (2024)

Brand familiarity comes from the consistent use of our strategy and creative elements. This document provides a guide for those elements as defined uniquely for Legitimate — outlining what and how we communicate with the world.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines in Figma with Animations

Brand Guidelines in PDF Format

Brand Guidelines in Exported PDF and Figma Files


Use this wordmark to represent the brand and the company.

Primary Symbol

Use this symbol primarily to represent the brand. It should not be used to indicate the hover location for your phone for product authentication.

Hover Symbol

Use this symbol exclusively for NFC tags positioned behind it or for moments explaining the tag. It will not be used to represent any brand-related moments except for the tags.

Primary Typeface

Use PS Times across all titles, headings, and text that requires emphasis. Please refer to our brand guidelines for more details.

Download PS Times

Secondary Typeface

Use Favorit for body text, captions, and CTA elements such as buttons. Please refer to our brand guidelines for more details

Download Favorit

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